The restaurant industry is a very competitive space...

Food and beverage entrepreneurs are constantly struggling to survive in a volatile industry. Being unique is no longer a competitive advantage; new operational efficiencies need to be developed and new opportunities for revenue growth need to be introduced.

We put interactive menus in the hands of restaurant patrons, and provide restaurant owners with a fresh perspective on business.

Menyou in the Media

Analytics & Exceptional Reporting

Accurate data analysis and effective project management separate the great managers from the rest. The ability to analyze and interpret data is a crucial skill, but it takes time out of the day, and adds stress to an already hectic role. The mess of data resulting from countless transactions is difficult to rifle through, and digging up those golden insights isn’t easy. We tell you what’s happening and turn it into actionable insight.


Seamless Transition to Tablets

An overhaul of existing operations is daunting. Don’t worry, Menyou has considered this. We don't have to force our product on you because we know you will be happy with the results. For us this is a matter of making you comfortable with the adjustment.


Customer Engagement

What are your patrons thinking? We are often passive in person but open and opinionated online. There's a goldmine of consumer insight in your restaurant. Our objective is to harness it during the restaurant experience. We'll compile and deliver this insight to you and simultaneously promote your business.


Enhanced Customer Service

20% of your customers are typically responsible for 80% of your business

Keeping that 20% coming back is crucial for any business owner. As a restaurant owner, it’s important that you nurture these customer relationships by creating an environment that encourages open dialogue.


Contextualized Advertising

Your current menu is an expense; Menyou is a revenue-generating asset.

Menyou gives you an opportunity to incorporate advertisements that aren’t invasive, but are instead contextualized. While patrons browse the drink menu, they can be presented with Grey Goose martinis rather than vodka martinis. Or they can view a high resolution video of a foamy, thirst-quenching Guinness, as they review options for on-tap beverages.