About Us

Menyou was formed in early 2012. After close examination of multiple industries, it became clear that the restaurant industry had gone far too long without disruption. With insight into the functionality of new technology, expertise in software and design, and a keen awareness of consumer behavior, the Menyou team set out to deliver a solution that would bring new efficiency and value to restaurant owners and consumers everywhere.

Menyou views the low margins and extreme competition in this industry as an opportunity. By taking the first step to change dining, the team plans to bring you the robust solutions needed to take your business to the next level.

Meet the Team

  • Thaves

    When he’s not stuffing himself with gulab jamun, Thaves is a driving force on the Menyou team, bringing with him an unparalleled understanding of all the technical complexities involved in building SaaS and the mind for business that can convert that service to a business.

  • Ara

    A passionate entrepreneur who knows how to build a business and how to eat a burger in less than a minute. He is also a big foodie, making it a mission to visit at least one new restaurant a week. Ara has built companies and has been the pivotal figure for many others. He holds an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto.

    The only thing constant in life is change and that’s why I’m always looking for the next challenge.

  • Chris

    A digital marketing strategist with a do-what-it-takes attitude and an obsessive interest in desserts, Chris brings the Menyou team marketing expertise and sales support. He’s a hungry young man when it comes to success (and gourmet pizza) and has an understanding of what it takes to build a company.

  • Wayne

    As an incorrigible relationship-builder who believes that sharing a good meal is integral to doing business, Wayne is as dedicated to great customer service as he is a devotee of spicy food (curry is one of his favourite dishes). A former diplomat who had the honour of writing speech notes for Nelson Mandela, he is a good listener which is key to the establishment of any successful business partnership that can help Menyou and its clients achieve their goals.

  • Luke

    A project manager that has to have everything done exactly right and strongly believes in the ‘masala dosa model’ – few ingredients, combined properly and it’s a wrap. Luke keeps things together through tight project management and digital strategy.

  • Hannah

    Hannah brings creativity and design to Menyou, ensuring it’s a dish served hot! She prefers samosas and sans serif fonts.

  • Caslino

    Caslino is the go to guy and the most technical of the lot. He has a mathematical equation or a scientific solution even where you think there is none. Caslino’s cool and calm as a cucumber demeanor allows the others to do some of their best work. He prefers home cooked meals over eating out.

  • Zoltán

    Zoltán likes to watch what he eats. For the longest time, he enjoyed watching and eating food from all over the world. And despite a ferocious sweet tooth, he was able to reverse his Type 2 Diabetes in only six months; through a drastic change in diet, and rigorous exercise … he’s enjoying his new muscles for sure. Zoltán comes to Menyou with over a decade of experience in selling and implementing accounting, CRM, POS, and business management systems across several industries. Zoltán is responsible for Client Relations in Western Canada.

  • Mike

    Mike loves anything spicy including hot sauce and crushed chillis. When he’s not busy putting hot sauce on everything he eats, he’s telling the world about products that he is passionate about, like Menyou. Mike comes with a wealth of experience in sales with a proven track record of obtaining results. Mike is passionate about life and even more passionate about keeping the entrepreneurial flame within burning just as hot as the spices he loves.