Analytics and Reporting

Accurate data analysis and effective project management separate the great managers from the rest. The ability to analyze and interpret data is a crucial skill, but it takes time out of the day, and adds stress to an already hectic role. The mess of data resulting from countless transactions is difficult to rifle through, and digging up those golden insights isn’t easy. We tell you what’s happening and turn it into actionable insight.

Menyou will automatically provide you with reporting on:

Menu Interactions:

  • Order Engagement and Interest
  • Tablet Menu Interaction (Patron considerations, meal correlation)
  • Loyalty and Repeat Purchase
  • Satisfaction

Availability of Inventory:

  • “Best Buy” Order Optimization
  • Sales and Demand (Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Revenue and Operations Optimization:
  • Employee Performance (Upselling Ability, Average Revenue Per Employee)
  • Return on Investment Analysis

The Conversation:

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  • Daily Mentions Online