Contextualized Advertising

Your current menu is an expense; Menyou is a revenue-generating asset.

Menyou gives you an opportunity to incorporate advertisements that aren’t invasive, but are instead contextualized. While patrons browse the drink menu, they can be presented with Grey Goose martinis rather than vodka martinis. Or they can view a high resolution video of a foamy, thirst-quenching Guinness, as they review options for on-tap beverages.

Each Menyou advertisement will be carefully positioned; it will not take away from the customer experience and it will bring in additional revenue for your business.

Planning the next step for your business requires research. Menyou allows you to easily collect data. You can gain valuable insight by surveying customers through an integrated questionnaire. You can offer patrons coupons for survey submissions to incentivize participation. The Menyou team will work with you every step of the way to build a survey that guarantees return on investment.

Menyou also gives you the opportunity to conduct a survey for a third party, such as a vendor. This can act as an additional revenue stream for your business.