1. How much will setup and implementation cost?

Please contact us to setup a one-on-one consultation.

2. What is the level of support that would be received?

When you use Menyou, you’re putting trust in us. Our solution wouldn’t work unless we could provide you with support when you need it. When there’s a problem, you can count on us to come in and fix it.

3. Can this integrate with my existing POS system?

Menyou is not a POS solution, though it automates many functions previously performed by your staff, the orders still must be input into your system at the end of the meal. We do, however, provide a POS station that will show you order status, waiting times, and availability.

4. How do we get in touch with you?

You can contact the team by sending off an email to info@menyou.ca

5. Can this be used on other tablets too?

When we designed Menyou, we built it for iPads. It also has a higher resolution, the beauty of our product will bring in additional sales – To maximize value, we have to maximize that competitive advantage. However, our goal is to offer Menyou on Android tablets as well in the near future.

6. How do I set this up in my restaurant?

The Menyou team would love to meet you. We’ll come by your restaurant and talk to you about your needs and when you’re comfortable with our project plan, we’ll come in and set you up within 24 hours


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