Seamless Transition to Tablets

An overhaul of existing operations is daunting. Don’t worry, Menyou has considered this. We don’t have to force our product on you because we know you will be happy with the results. For us this is a matter of making you comfortable with the adjustment.

We have a few ideas that will help make the transition smoother:

  • Tablets for restaurant staff.
    Process orders and payments directly from a tablet, never transcribe again and improve the accuracy of every order.
  • Tablets for a controlled group of patrons.
    Try Menyou out on a small scale and see how well it works. We’ll provide you with comprehensive reports throughout the process so that you can determine whether Menyou is suitable for your business
  • Tablets are used by patrons to review food options, orders are taken by staff.
    Our service provides your patrons with a new way to place orders. This innovative way to use technology will draw in new business. You can take advantage of this, and still manage the restaurant the way you always have.
  • Satisfaction

We can optimize operations across the restaurant, but we feel the most important thing is making sure you’re comfortable with the technology and the process. We are your partners in technological optimization.